Past Workshops

Empire, Socialism, & Jews III

28 May 2015
15.00 | Welcome Address
Helmut Lethen, IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies & Malachi Hacohen, Duke University

PANEL I: 1848

This panel on the 1848 Revolution is dedicated to the memory of Siegfried Mattl (1954-2015), who passed away on April 25. Béla Rásky will deliver the paper, on which the two of them have begun working together.

Chair: Amy Vargas-Tonsi, Duke University
Commentator: Gerhard Milchram, Wien Museum

15.15 | Louise Hecht, Palacký University, Olomouc
Between Toleration and Emancipation: The Self-empowerment of Jewish Intellectuals in the Habsburg Monarchy

16.15 | Siegfried Mattl, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Geschichte und Gesellschaft & Béla Rásky, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute
Antisemitism in 1848

17.15 | Coffee break

18.00 | Keynote

Malachi Hacohen, Duke University
The Abiding Imperial Tradition: Austrian Socialism, the Jews, the Monarchy, and Europe

Respondent: Helmut Konrad, Karl-Franzens University, Graz

29 May 2015

PANEL II: 1867

Chair: Serena Bazemore, Duke University
Commentator: Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Vienna & Ingo Zechner, IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies

10.00| Dieter Hecht, Austrian Academy of the Sciences
Self-Assertion in the Public Sphere: Jewish Press on the Eve of Legal Emancipation

11.00 | Lisa Silverman, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Jews, Property, and the Staatsgrundgesetz

12.00 | Lunch break


A. Metropole

Chair: Martina Steer, University of Vienna
Commentator: Jill Lewis, Swansea University & Georg Spitaler, Verein für Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung (VGA)

14.00| Wolfgang Maderthaner, Austrian State Archives
1889 in the History of Austrian Socialism: The Founding of an Imperial Party?

15.00 | Deborah Holmes, University of Kent
Socialism and Empire: The Early Years of the Arbeiterzeitung

16.00 | Coffee break

B. Provinces

Chair: Jill Lewis, Swansea University
Commentator: Werner Michael Schwarz, Wien Museum & Martina Steer, University of Vienna

16.30 | Joshua Shanes, College of Charleston
Galician Jewish Socialism – Imperially Embedded?

17.30 | Thomas Prendergast, Duke University
“Die Sozialdemokraten der Wissenschaft:” Austrian Jewish Ethnologists and the Quest for a Science of Nationality, 1880-1900

18.30 | End

Empire, Socialism, & Jews II

March 20-22, 2013


  • Malachi Hacohen, Duke University
  • Deborah Holmes, University of Kent
  • Jill Lewis, Swansea University & Vienna, Stadt Wien/IFK Fellow, IFK
  • Wolfgang Maderthaner, Vienna, Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
  • Michaela Maier, VGA,Vienna
  • Siegfried Mattl, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Geschichte und Gesellschaft, Vienna


Session I | Dilemmas of Assimilation: Fin-de-siècle Socialism, Progressivism, and the Jewish Question

Deborah Holmes | Eugenie Schwarzwald: an “Honest Antisemite”? The Galician Ostjudin as a Fin-de-siècle Viennese Icon

Wolfgang Maderthaner | Otto Bauer as Protagonist for German Culture: Imperial Multinational & German Jewish Subjectivity


Session II | Socialist, Feminist & Jewish: Women Subjectivities in Late Imperial Austria

Michaela Maier | Between Father & Son, Jews & Christian: Emma Adler (1852-1938)

Siegfried Mattl | Between Socialism & Feminism: Charlotte Glass (1873-1944)

Jill Lewis | Socialism, Feminism and Jewish Memory: Käthe Leichter (1895-1942)


Public Presentation | The Ambiguous Legacy of Continental European Empires: Socialism and the Jewish Question in Late Imperial Russia and Austria

Martin Mill, Duke University | Terrorism, Anarchism, and Pogroms: Russian Autocracy & the Jews

Malachi Hacohen, Duke University | Towards Alternative Histories of Austrian Socialism: Empire, Socialist Women and Jewish European History