Kavya Raghunathan, BA
Graduate Student


Kavya RaghunathanA staunch New Englander, Kavya received her Bachelor’s in Neuroscience from Boston University. As a post-grad she worked as a research technician in Dr. Kevin Eggan’s lab at Harvard University where she utilized single cell snRNA sequencing to detect neuropsychiatric disease associated eQTLs using iPSC-derived cortical neurons. Kavya joined the Eroglu lab as a graduate student in May 2022 and is interested in studying species-specific differences in astrocyte-neuron interactions via astrocyte-secreted factors. Outside of the lab, Kavya is passionate about mentoring and working towards equitable and inclusive access to the biosciences. She also enjoys cooking/baking, being a plant mother, and making art.


iPSC-derived human neuron and astrocyte culture and FACS analysis