Dolores (Lola) Irala, PhD
Senior Research Associate

LolaDolores was born and raised in Argentina. She obtained her PhD from the University of Buenos Aires, where she studied the role of neurotrophic factors during neuronal development and synapse formation. Lola joined the Eroglu lab in 2017 to study how astrocytes control synaptic balance in the brain. For her studies she received a Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences and a Foerster-Bernstein Postdoctoral Fellowship for women in STEM. She is interested in astrocyte cellular and molecular mechanisms governing excitatory and inhibitory synapse formation and function. Outside of the lab, Lola enjoys spending time with her family and friends, outdoor activities and painting.


Confocal and superresolution imaging and analysis, Rodent primary cell cultures, Mouse genetics