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I&E 352: Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Write a brief description of the course


Post your final assignment from this course: What I Learned From I&E 352.

Artifact (if you took this course Spring 2018 or later)

Post the assignments you completed from your mentor conversations.

First conversation:

  1. What insights did you learn from the mentor relative to his/her path to becoming an entrepreneur that will be helpful in your own entrepreneurial endeavors?
  2. How important was effective problem definition and customer delineation to your mentor? What did he/she do that was particularly successful in these areas? Were there any areas where your mentor struggled in this regard? If so, how did he/she handle the issues to move forward successfully?
  3. As a team, what did you view as the most important lesson learned that you will take away from this conversation with your mentor?

Second conversation:

  1. Draft a reflection on the mentoring conversation that covers the key points you discussed and how you believe this conversation has further framed your interests in innovation and entrepreneurship, your understanding of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur, and your long-term career plans.

Artifact (if you took this course Fall 2017 or earlier) 

Post the slide deck you created for a case analysis assignment.