The classes I took for the certificate were Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise (Duke in Silicon Valley), Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Learning to Fail, and the Capstone Course.


I selected to participate in Duke in Silicon Valley for my gateway course of Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise so that I could quickly dive as deep as you can into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley. The class gave me a thorough view of the process of starting a venture, purposes of starting an enterprise, leadership, skills, and finances. This knowledge is necessary to know before both starting a venture and taking further courses. Not to mention, being in Silicon Valley was an opportunity impossible to turn down.


I enrolled in Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship both because it is a required course for the certificate and because I wanted to read and learn about specific cases through the case method. I think that having examples to learn from (failures and successes) of start-ups and larger businesses is essential.


The next course I took was the required course for the certificate (the Keystone) Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I learned about specific ways in which to be a successful entrepreneur, and learned skills to guide me.


For my elective course, Learning to Fail, I wanted a less-technical, more experiential entrepreneurship-based class. I wanted to understand more about the failures associated with, and welcome by, those taking risks and pursing an opportunity.