Duke in Silicon Valley IE271A- Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise

My biggest takeaway from Duke in Silicon Valley was the importance of balancing being a visionary leader, in the sense that a company I create must be solving a problem, and being a positive team member. I  love working in teams, and throughout DSV realized how much I enjoyed both being a leader and a member of a team. It is tough to find a balance at times- with conflicting ideas, schedules, etc.- but being patient, listening, and trying to understand others’ perspective is essential to success. I realized that while I love to lead groups, everyone in a group must have the opportunity to take charge and feel that their ideas are valued as a team member. Everyone has the opportunity to lead if they play into their strengths.

DSV also informed my future professional goals. I want to work for a company that has a succinct, clear, innovative strategy and goal. Making sure that a company is consistently cutting-edge, solving a problem, and forging forward coherently as a unit is something that is important to me.

My artifact is an assignment from our class in Silicon Valley, Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise. The goal of the assignment is to develop empathy for a customer through a journey and psychographic dimensions with the two most relevant dimensions elaborated on in a two by two matrix.


DSV Portfolio Submission

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