For my 150-hour experience, I had an internship at a startup called LuckyDiem, a mobile marketing and gaming application. My internship spanned from the beginning of July (right after returning home from Silicon Valley to New York City) through the middle of August. Our office was located at Grand Central Tech, right above Grand Central in Manhattan. Grand Central Tech is a co-work tech space, filled with a wide range of start-ups.

LuckyDiem is in the process of becoming an iOS mobile application and is currently in Beta stage. The application is a Vegas-style spin wheel where users play to win discounts to local businesses. By getting three-of-a-kind on the spin wheel, one can win discounts up to 25% off of businesses and can be entered to win huge prizes like Drake concert tickets. After successfully launching in Cambridge’s Harvard square last fall, LuckyDiem has been laser focused on expanding to the local businesses in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Due to the fact that LuckyDiem only has two full time employees (the CEO and one other), I had to wear many hats during my internship. My main role was to be the head of PR, outreach, and social media. However, I was also involved in the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as well as going on door-to-door sales trips and follow ups visits and emails.

I decided to pursue an experience at LuckyDiem for many reasons. I wanted to gain experience working in the world of start-ups, working at a tech company, as well as experiencing work with an entrepreneur. The location was perfect, as I’m from New York, and because LuckyDiem was shifting their focus to the Upper East Side, the neighborhood I’ve lived for my entire life. Also, I was lucky enough to have attended the Start-Up Connect networking fair, go through a few rigorous rounds of interviews, and received an offer to work at LuckyDiem.


Description of Artifact

My artifact is a portfolio of ads that I created for LuckyDiem. I wanted these ads to be fun, a little bit risqué and eye-catching in order to have more consumers download and use LuckyDiem. I thought that my advertisements were innovative and they help the consumer solve the problem of saving money while also playing a fun game. My main accomplishments and contributions to the company were less visually appealing, as most of them were text documents. I reached out to many websites, blogs, created demographic and ethnographic pain point analysis and built a social media strategy from the ground up. However, these are not visually appealing, which is why I selected these fun ads I created for my portfolio. I also worked with one of LuckyDiem’s full time employees to create these, and we worked as a team to bounce ideas and creatively build new ads.


Artifact UES POS Materials



Through working at LuckyDiem, I had a real experience of working at an early stage start-up performing a variety of jobs. I was able to see all aspects from starting a new venture from the inside, after looking at the theoretical creation of one from the outside in Silicon Valley. In all aspects of my work, I had to be innovative. The types of bloggers I reached out to were based on my creation and organization of a spreadsheet of target demographics and ethnographic through a pain point analysis.  I also created a social media strategy for the company with a variety of copies for the forms of social media. I had to creatively and strategically organize a way to craft a message for businesses to send out to their customers announcing their partnership with LuckyDiem. I found online influences, had conference calls with bloggers, pitched LuckyDiem independently, among other things. Much of my job was independent and I had to create tasks each day that would benefit the company and help out the full time employees. On a small scale, I was an entrepreneur of my self and my talents, working under an entrepreneur who was the head of a company. I also had to be extremely creative, not only in the POS advertisements I created, but also in my day to day strategy of outreach and PR.


My biggest takeaway from my LuckyDiem experience was the breadth of knowledge and experience I gained in PR, sales, marketing, and outreach. I had developed a professional voice through sales and interacting with clients, as well as recognized what LuckyDiem users would want in my UX/UI experience. I was able to learn about a variety of skills I was good at, ones I was less good at, and parts of my experience I wanted to pursue. I love working at a start up, and one day do see myself setting up a company of my own. I have realized the importance of having many experiences before starting a company, as starting one’s own company intertwines all aspects of business, many of which I wasn’t even able to see.