In my elective class, Learning to Fail, I learned just that. Through a pitch competition for our own company, activities destined for failure,  failure logs due each week, I was truly able to analyze and learn from each mistake I’d made. I could further find places to improve.

From this course, I learned that failure is acceptable. Not only is it acceptable, but being able to fail is a skill– it means that one is able to take risks, push themselves, and pursue something special without the fear. I hope that this will one day push me to start my own venture, and take a risk on something that has no real guarantee of success. Through deeply understanding and experiencing failure on low-stakes tasks, my exposure to and normalcy of failure made me feel more comfortable envisioning myself taking a business risk on a passionate venture in the future.

I’ve attached a slide deck as an example for proving the market for my product, InstaBrew.

InstaBrew- March 8th, 2017