Academic Support

The Duke Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free services to all students during their undergraduate careers at Duke.  Services include Learning Consultations, Peer Tutoring and Study Groups, ADHD/LD Coaching, Outreach Workshops, and more. Because learning is a process unique to every individual, the ARC works with each student to discover and develop their own academic strategy for success at Duke. Contact the ARC to schedule an appointment. Undergraduates in any year, studying any discipline can benefit!

Health Support

University life can be an exciting and stimulating environment.  However, balancing the demands of school, work, and life can be a challenge, especially for first-year students.  Valuable support services that will help you find the right balance are available through the following:

DuWell (Duke Wellness) helps students focus on their individual wellness by looking at the integration of many areas of their life through areas of wellness promotion and risk mitigation.  They  engage students through a variety of wellness experiences across campus in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety while emphasizing self-care.

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) helps Duke Students enhance strengths and develop abilities to successfully live, grow and learn in their personal and academic lives. We offer many services to Duke undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, including brief individual and group counseling, couples counseling and more.

DukeReach (Duke Reach) directs students, faculty, staff, parents, and others to the resources available to help a student in need.   Are you concerned about your physical or mental health? Has a fellow student’s behavior caused you to worry about his or her potential future actions?  We hope to provide you with the resources you need to assist that student or to get the appropriate help so that someone else may do so.  All of us at Duke care deeply about the success and well-being of our students.

Sexual Assault Resources – If you have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender violence, relationship violence, or stalking, there are several resources around campus to support you, which are summarized here.

CMA (Center for Multicultural Awareness) promotes community engagement, multicultural education, leadership development, and social justice education among the student population. Our programs and services aim to empower students and their organizations to create a vibrant and inclusive community.   As one of many campus resources available, CMA would like to facilitate your reporting bias incidents.  CMA hopes you do not have to, but in the event please utilize their Bias Incident Report.

Duke Vans provide free, on-demand transportation for students and employees. Rides are available to and from most Duke facilities, dorms, etc. between 5:00pm-6:45am.  Stay safe after dark!

Duke Campus Police provides 24-hour police and security services to Duke’s academic campus and hospital.