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I have been teaching this course for over 10 years now and have yet to identify a textbook that I am completely happy with. A lot of what textbooks cover I don’t find too relevant and there is a lot that I cover that many textbooks don’t address. Unfortunately, most textbooks also fail to be comprehensive in their explanations of such fundamental concepts such as tides and Coriolis effect. So I do not require a textbook in this class.

That said, I am aware that some students’ learning greatly benefits from having a pre- or post-lecture reading from a textbook on that week’s lecture topic. So I am going to recommend the following OPTIONAL textbooks. Try to buy used, or better yet, get an e-book version to be more environmentally friendly. There might be newer editions for each of these textbooks but an older one will probably suffice.

DISCLAIMER:  All of my exams are based on information I provide in my lectures. Whenever the textbook differs from my lecture notes, the latter are the final authority on exams.

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