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Grading Scheme


Grading: Your final grade will be based on three hour exams (25% each), nine assignments (total 18%) and a written book review (7%).  Final grade cut-offs will be established at the end of the course and are at the discretion of the instructor.

Grades will be posted on Sakai gradebook. Students should regularly check their grades online. If you are missing a grade on gradebook or have found an error contact your teaching assistant via e-mail right away. You have 7 days to correct gradebook errors from the time that grades are first posted on Sakai.

Exams: The exams consist entirely of multiple choice and/or true and false questions. The exams are written entirely based on my lectures.  Anything I say in lecture might be on an exam.

Assignments:  There will be nine assignments, answers to which you will turn in using Sakai.  These are worth 18% of your final grade.

Written Report:  You will choose a “classic” sea-literature novel for your semester reading assignment.   In a 7-page paper, discuss the “science” and “culture” of these novels. How do the books compare to our modern understanding of the sea? What science is accurate? Which is not? How is the sea and our relationship to it portrayed in these works of fiction and non-fiction?  Click here for formatting guidelines.


(Extra credit is an American oddity that makes us the laughing stock of the rest of the global university world)

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