Everyone is familiar with fish, seals, whales, and other vertebrate organisms in the oceans.   This is, in no small part, due to the prejudice we carry as vertebrate creatures: what is like us, seems more important to us (human history has shown this to be a terribly destructive trait).   It is therefore no small wonder that most of us find the invertebrates, particularly those in the ocean, alien and unfamiliar.   Yet, they are the true rulers of the ocean world, and their biodiversity far exceeds that of animals with backbones.

To aid you in learning about these wonderful creatures, you will be watching eight short documentaries that introduce you to their major groups (aka “phyla”, singular: phylum).   This multimedia is available via streaming over Warpwire.

Each is accompanied by a question sheet that you fill out while watching each segment (this is to guide you, you do not hand these in).  After you are done, you take the relevant online assignment quiz on Sakai to receive credit for your newly gained knowledge (note the deadlines for each quiz).  YOU MUST TAKE THE SAKAI QUIZZES TO RECEIVE ASSIGNMENT CREDIT.

During the third part of the course, we will cover these groups again in class.  By then, they should no longer seem as odd and alien to you.   The knowledge you gain from the “invertebrate phyla” homework assignments will NOT be tested UNTIL THE THIRD EXAM, but you should be learning and studying the concepts and terms as you progress through the semester’s assignments.

Here are links to the NINE homework documentaries:

Topic Question Worksheet Due Date of Sakai Quiz
Assignment: Phylum Porifera Click Here Sunday, August 23rd
Assignment: Phylum Cnidaria Click Here Sunday, August 30th
Assignment: Phylum Platyhelminthes Click Here Sunday, September 6th
Assignment: Phylum Annelida Click Here Sunday, September 13th
Assignment: Phylum Mollusca Click Here Sunday, September 27th
Assignment: Indian Ocean Tsunami Click Here Sunday, October 4th
Assignment: Phylum Arthropoda Click Here Sunday, October 11th
Assignment: Phylum Echinodermata Click Here Sunday, November 1st
Assignment: Phylum Chordata Click Here Sunday, November 8th

For more information on the invertebrate documentaries and their full-length versions, click here. To learn more about the scientists featured in the documentaries, click here.

For more information on the Indian Ocean Tsunami documentary, click here. To learn more about the scientists featured in it, click here.

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