All of the projects on this site were created by undergraduates at Duke University in Global Ecological Humanities, a course taught by Amanda Starling Gould, PhD in the Spring 2017 semester. You can learn more about each author below.

The Authors



Kevin Bhimani

Kevin is an Economics major with Certificates in Decision Sciences and Markets and Management Studies in the Class of 2019. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and is pursuing a career in finance.

His project is on the alternative energy in the solar panel and electric car space.



Ryan Bronstein

Ryan is an Economics and Biology major in the class of 2020. He is from Ashland, KY and is pursuing a career in medicine.

His project is on the varying responses to the global water crisis.



Alyssa Cleveland

Alyssa is a student in the Class of 2020 with the intended major of Environmental Science. Her hometown is Atlanta, Georgia, which has shaped her interests in Environmental Justice.

Her project is focused on the discrepancy of green spaces within communities in Durham, North Carolina.



John Desan

John is an Public Policy major and Economics and Environmental Science minor in the class of 2019. He is interested in learning about how low-income minorities are disproportionately affected by environmental issues.

His project is a Wikipedia page on Oil on Water.



Brandon Foreman

Brandon is an Economics and Mathematics major in the Class of 2019. He is from Highland Park, IL and is pursuing a career in finance.

His project is on the Nigerian oil crisis.



Victoria Grant

Victoria is a member of the class of 2020, who is considering an Environmental Science major. She graduated in Peoria, Arizona and wishes to work in animal conservation.

Her project is on top predator reintroduction.



Joe Jacob

Joe is a Computer Science major in the Class of 2018 and is from Roslyn Heights, NY. In his free time, Joe likes to play around with Photoshop, work on different programming projects, and of course, he likes to watch Netflix.

Currently, Joe is pursuing a career in software engineering, and in the same vein, his project is about the environmental impact of data centers. Add him on Myspace!



Jessica Marlow

Jessica is a prospective Global Health and International Comparative Studies major, with a concentration on China and East Asia. She is a member of the Class of 2020 and is excited to explore different ways of thinking and modes of communication while at Duke.

Her project is a creative story based off her mother’s experiences as a Chinese immigrant and inspired by Ann Cummins’ Yellowcake.



Mary Osborn

Mary is in the Masters of Arts in Teaching program for Science Education. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences.

Her project is about teaching culturally relevant environmental science.



Margaret Overton

Margaret is a Psychology/Environmental Science and Policy double major in the Class of 2020. She is from Nashville, TN and is interested in community organizing, education, and the mechanisms behind grassroots political and cultural movements.

Her project is on the “rogue” Twitter accounts claiming to represent various U.S. National Parks and other departments within the Executive Branch that emerged following Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016.



Thabit Pulak

Thabit is currently a junior pursuing a major in Environmental Sciences and Policy. He plans on pursuing an MD/MBA and eventually going into health infrastructure development and politics.

His project is focused on a policy proposal for a practical reduction of water usage.



Nanki Singh

Nanki is a Public Policy and Global Health Major in the class of 2020. She is from New Delhi, India and wants to pursue a career in Public Health.

Her project is on Forests and Colonialism in India.



Brielle Tobin

Brielle is a Neuroscience major in the Duke University class of 2020. She is from Casper, Wyoming, and she is pursuing a career in medicine.

Her final project is on the intersection of hunting practices, community development, and environmental conservation.



Barbara Lynn Weaver

Barbara Lynn is studying Plant Biology and Environmental Science and Policy in the Class of 2020. She is from Raleigh, NC.

Her project explores the impact of school farms on student health and success.