Using image services in ArcMap

Loading image service data

  1.  Open a new blank map in ArcMap.
  2. Sign in to your Duke ArcGIS Online account (File>Sign on…)
  3. Select Add Data from ArcGIS Online…
  4. Search for “owner:esri type:image erodability”
  5. View the details for the USA Soils Erodibility Factor data set.
    1. Note that it is an image service data set.
    2. Also note in the “What you can do with this layer?” section the limitations on access and use of this data layer. This is one of ESRI’s Landscape layers – a large and growing set of very useful datasets for the US and the world that are available only to those with an organizational subscription to AGOL.
  6. Add the data set to your map – nothing gets added! This appears to be a glitch. However, you can still add the landscape layers using a different technique shown in another tutorial.
  7. Open up the Add Data from ArcGIS Online… box again.
  8. Search for “type:image owner:nccgia DEM”.
  9. View details for the NC OneMap – Shaded Elevation.
  10. Add this to your map.

Using the data

Once the layer has been added to your map, you can use it just as any other vector data set stored on your drive. You can change its symbology, use in a geoprocessing task, or even make a local copy of the entire data set.