Sharing image data via AGOL

If you have publishing access to a machine running ArcGIS Server, you can host a raster data set there and then share it to Duke’s ArcGIS Online portal. Here’s how:

Make a connection to the ArcGIS Server

  • In ArcCatalog, expand the GIS Servers section and select Add ArcGIS Server
  • Select “Publish GIS Services” in the first panel of the wizard.
  • Enter the server URL: (
  • Select the server type: (ArcGIS Server)
  • Enter the username and password (you’ll need to get these)
  • Click finish; a new entry called “arcgis on (publisher)” will be added to the GIS Server section in ArcCatalog.

Share your data set as an image service on the ArcGIS Server

  • In ArcCatalog, right click on your raster data set and select Share as Image Service
  • Select Publish a service and then hit Next>.
  • Choose the connection you just made: arcgis on (publisher).
  • Give your image a name (or keep the default).
  • Choose where the service will be placed on the server (e.g. create a project folder and select that folder).
  • Select the service parameters – usually leave as the defaults, except under Item Description where you should add some information related to your service.
  • Analyze your service. This is where it might get tricky as there are several things that might need to be addressed, more than can be included here. However, the error that the “Data source is not registered with the server and the data can be copied to the server” can be ignored; it’s actually OK to copy the data to the server.
  • Publish the service.
  • You can see that it was successfully published if you revisit (and perhaps refresh) your server connection and look in the folder where you published your service. Add the data to ArcMap and your image should appear.

Sharing your data with others (outside of using ArcGIS online)

When your data has been published, anyone who can connect to the server can use your data. Connecting to the server to use the is roughly the same as connecting to publish the data, except you don’t need a password. (You can, however, protect folders from view if you wish…)

  • In ArcCatalog, expand the GIS Servers section and select Add ArcGIS server.
  • In the first pane of the wizard, select “Use GIS Services”
  • Enter the server URL: (
  • Leave the username and password blank.
  • Click finish and you will have a user connection to the published data.

Sharing data with others via ArcGIS Online

Once published to the server, image resources can be linked to Duke’s ArcGIS online portal for broader sharing and easier access to the data. To do this, you need accounts both on Duke’s ArcGIS On-line portal. If you have that, follow these steps:

  • Open the web interface for the Server:
  • Ensure the Services tab is displayed, and then select Sharing.
  • In the Sharing Configuration Settings, enter the URL for Duke’s portal:
  • Sign in using your ArcGIS online ID.
  • Once signed in, click the Manage Services tab and navigate to the service you want to publish to AGOL.
  • In the little icons in the upper right of your service, find and click the “Sharing Properties” button ().
  • Select whether you want to share with everyone or just Duke people. (If you have configured groups in AGOL, you can select specfic groups as well…)
  • Click save and wait a bit while the service definition is registered with the Duke portal.
  • Check that your service is accessible via ArcGIS online: In ArcMap, select Add Data from ArcGIS online… and search for your data.