ESRI’s Landscape Layers

As part of our license with ESRI, we have access to a number of useful raster layers that ESRI has assembled. More info on these layers can be read here;, and these instruction will allow you to use them.

  • Open up ArcCatalog (either within ArcMap or by itself).
  • Expand the GIS Servers list
  • Double click Add ArcGIS server
  • In the box that appears:
    • Select Use GIS Services and click Next >
    • For the server URL enter:
    • Enter your ArcGIS Online username and password and check the box to save these.
    • Click finish.
  • A new entry should appear under the ArcGIS Server lists. Expand this list and add features to your map

You can repeat this for the 5 other landscape servers by replacing “landscape1” in the URL with “landscape2

These are some incredibly useful data sets, both feature (vector) and raster.