The mission of the Geospatial Program is threefold:

  • First, we serve students atacl_class the Nicholas School.
    We offer a number of courses designed to provide students a solid foundation in geospatial analysis. Students completing our certificate program will have the skills and background necessary to successfully apply GIS in their field after graduating.
  • Second, we serve the faculty at the Nicholas School.
    The Geospatial Program offers the expertise necessary to design and execute spatial analyses for a variety of objectives across the many disciplines within the School. Our team collaborates with faculty on a number of levels – from casual walk-in advising to formal collaboration on funded research projects.
  • And finally, the Geospatial Program serves the broader environmental community.
    We actively engage other academic institutions (both within and beyond Duke), governmental, and non-governmental organizations in tackling real-world environmental issues. We are uniquely positioned at the Nicholas School – with our talented student pool, our world-class faculty, and our extensive alumni network – to find innovative and effective solutions for the environmental challenges our society faces.

Activities oriented toward fulfilling this mission include:

  • Student engagement
    • Courses/Geospatial Certificate program
    • Masters Project co-advising
    • Informal advising; office hours
    • Informal gatherings/interactions/workshops (e.g. via Student Association for Geospatial Analysis  – SAGA)
  • Faculty engagement
    • Outreach for course project ideas
    • Informal consultations/office hours
    • Formal collaborations
  •  External engagement
    • Alumni networking (via email lists, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Ongoing collaborations with NGOs: WWF, TNC, Triangle Land Conservancy, etc.