For each week of the course, please find the assigned reading followed by a lively, public blog exchange by the students.  These interchanges were conducted in public and sometimes people not in the course itself would weight in, adding to the dialogue.

Introduction to General Topic and Course Method 

Self Control
Stephanie, Ross, Dylan, and Jed

Relativity and Defaults
Nicole, Sophia, Billy, Dan

Obedience, Evil, and Resistance
Kanya, Abdu, Natalia, and Rachel

Race, Prejudice and Political Correctness
Evan, Zanele, Dana, and Billy

Social Proof
Ellie, Sarah, Susan, and Michael

Gender and Success
Matt, Chloe, Eric, and Evan

Honesty and  Dishonesty
D.S., Arin, Christine, and Woojin

Bonus: Love, Passion, Sex, and Romance 

Bonus: Why Social Science?  Why Literature?  Or, How Do Experiments and Stories Help Us See Our Own Attention Blindness? TA Presentation

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