DAN ARIELY is James B. Duke Professor of Psychology Behavorial Economics, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience; Kenan Institute for Ethics, Business, Fuqua School of Business, DIBS Faculty, Member, DIBS Center, D-CIDES Member

As a behavioral economist I study how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational. I study a wide range of daily behaviors such as buying (or not), saving (or not), ordering food in restaurants, pain management, procrastination, dishonesty, and decision making under different emotional states.

Cathy Davidson

Cathy Davidson

CATHY DAVIDSON is Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English and John Hope Franklin Institute Prof of Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University; Co-Director, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge.

Educator, innovator, author of  NOW YOU SEE IT: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn. Cofounder, HASTAC; codirector, HASTAC/MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition.   Davidson’s primary research interest is the relationship between technological change, communication, cultural forms (novels, films, websites, games), and innovative ways of  learning and teaching in the digital age.

Office Hours: Mondays 2 – 3 pm, Tuesdays 3 – 4 pm and by appointment


Catherine Angst

Erin Allingham

Amanda Starling Gould  is a Media-lit scholar at Duke investigating technohuman(ist) cultures, network ecologies, augmented realities, info architectures, and digi humanities scholarship.  I am currently working on a 2-year Duke FHI project to map an Ecology of Networks and am leading an effort to collaboratively create a Museum of Non-Zero maps. I am a HASTAC Scholar, a Duke PhD Lab of Digital Knowledge scholar, a member of Hansen’s Speculative Computing (S-1) Lab, a Networked Researcher, and an avid techno-experimenter. My most recent publication, “A Bibliographic Overview of Electronic Literature” can be found as this year’s Featured Article on the Electronic Literature Directory. I blog at Textured Literature on HASTAC and on the Networked Reseracher. I tweet @stargould.

Peter Lisignoli is a multi-disciplinary artist working in film, photography, and digital video. As a second year MFA student in Duke’s program in Experimental and Documentary Arts, Peter focuses on the impermanence of memory, history, and identity through a creative exploration of archives. Peter serves on the advisory board of Basement Films, a film and video art collective, where he works with film preservation, teaches workshops, and makes found footage films. Other interests include experimental pedagogy, media literacy, performance, collage, and cultural studies.

Specialties include: Visual Art, Video Production, Narrative (Storyboarding), Web Design.

Office hours: Wednesdays 10am -12pm; Carpentry Shop MFA studio – 1509 Campus Dr. (Please e-mail before visit. Building requires card access)

Talena Sanders is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and second year MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts student at Duke.  I’m also an artist-in-residence at the Duke Ph.D Lab in Digital Knowledge.   I often investigate dress and culture, spiritual practice, and religious communities, and my thesis work is based around Mormonism in America.  I am currently editing a feature length experimental documentary 16mm film on mainstream Mormonism, a short film on a Mormon community built on prophecies about a gold mine in Utah, and developing a docu-fiction-autobiographical-epistolary-photography print work on Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado City, AZ.

Come see me for help about: production planning and storyboarding, video production, editing help and ideas, arts and film references for your unit, general feedback

Office Hours: Monday 5:35 – 7:35 (after class – for using the lab)


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