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“Surprise Endings” is a for-credit Duke University course with a public component.  Throughout the term, students will use this site to host public online discussions of key topics in the course.  You do not need to be registered in order to leave a comment, but please fill out the 5-question public participation survey before you comment.  

For the most active discussions of each topic, go to “Class Schedule” and click on the date and topic on the pull down menu.

*You can also join us on Twitter @DukeSurprise or on Facebook at our Surprise Endings page.*

The students will also write and conduct interviews with the instructors that will then be hosted on this site and they will spend the term developing these video interviews into an online non-credit course open to the public.  We will be announcing more of these public plans as the semester progresses.

We look forward to your participation!

5 responses to “Join Us!

  1. Just discovered ‘heutagogy’ as opposed to pedagogy – I want to develop that more with my own students – but it seems like you are way ahead of me! I am really keen to see how this all works out – and to join in if I can! All good wishes, Sandra

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  4. Hi,
    Your survey is not currently active.
    I can’t fill out the 5-question public participation survey
    Could you please fix it?
    Thank you!

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