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Welcome to DASH, a learning module about self-control. is part of the Duke “Surprise Endings” MOOC course. This learning simulation was designed by four Duke students to enhance your knowledge of your self control habits and to improve your access to resources about self control.

Phase 1: viewing and reading

Self control is a complex topic. To get you thinking about the various aspects of self control, please review these resources.  As you interact with these materials, please jot down your thoughts, ideas and questions. By the end of the module, we will ask you to volunteer your reactions with our community on

Phase 2: Self Control Course Interview

Jed Lavery, a member of our DASH team, interviewed Dan Ariely and Cathy Davidson on the subject of self-control.  The questions in this interview were based on reactions to the same materials that you just watched and read. Take a moment to listen to this interview and discover fresh insights on self control from the professors. As a reminder, please document your reactions to this video.

Phase 3: Student Interviews

For Phase 3 of this module, we would like you to watch a Google Hangout that we hosted featuring 3 Duke students: Marc Andrusko, Sophie Throsby and Julia Quinn. We applied some of the questions and concepts from this module to spark a conversation about situations when we encounter self control as students.  Please view our hangout and weigh in on the conversation. Feel free to share some reactions in the comment forum below or on the discussion page.

Phase 4: Self-Diagnostic Survey

Please take this self-diagnostic survey.

Phase 5: DASH! iOS Concept

During our Google Hangout in Phase 3, we mentioned that we created an iOS application concept called DASH. Read more. 

Phase 6: Join the Discussion

Now we would like to hear from you! Post your reactions, ideas or questions that you have from this module using the forum below and connect with other participants of the simulation. Thank you for taking the time to DASH!

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21 responses to “Self Control

  1. Great work, everyone! I hope you make the app. This is very well done and beautifully designed. My one concern is that some of the self-control questions could really incriminate people. Have you built in anonymity in the survey results? If so, you need to say so. If not, you REALLY need to say so. Otherwise, excellent, and we’ll be keeping some analytics on this site once we remix and, in the meantime, I hope you will use social media to get this out to your networks and report back on your own success at getting this used and adopted. Excellent job, excellent participation in the course. Stellar. Good luck to you all and I hope you feel as proud of yourselves as I feel about all of you. Keep in touch!

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