Student Projects

Please post your final projects on your group’s page. 

Absolute final deadline:  May 2 at 7pm.  Senior grades for this course are due May 3 so there are no exceptions.

The final project should include:

  • a title and “table of contents” defining your topic, your project and listing all components of your project, with links.    Sign either just the first name of everyone in the group or, if you want full authorship, the full name of everyone in the group (it can be either/both if you don’t have consensus on this).
  • a brief narrative overview of your projects, including any and all instructions to your readers/learners, with links
  • a syllabus of sample readings on the topic  (this is made up of what you assigned the class already plus any additional resources you wish to add), with links

How to embed videos

  • Upload your videos to our Youtube channel
  • Copy the embed link
  • Paste the embed link into the wordpress page – make sure that the link is on its own line.

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