Advancing Advertising: How Tech Is Changing Digital Marketing

Advertising and marketing will be my landing industry for post-graduation work. I fell into the field sort of by accident when two of my internships called for social media marketing. My experience pointed to the fact that nowadays many companies feel like they need to have a social media presence these days, but they don’t quite know how. Tech has clearly changed digital marketing, and from my conversations with people who work in advertising, it even seems to be shifting the industry’s foundations.

I’ll be writing from the career-oriented perspective of someone looking to better understand this recent change. Key questions include why advertising has been affected to this degree and through what specific examples and avenues (print vs online, social media, etc).

The essay will take the form of an annotated picture/video timeline with wrapped by writing that can be expanded. Visually, it’ll be like an extended annotated essay like my final project for Writing 20, but cleaner. This format allows both top-down organization and detailed exploration.

My research will have personal experience, interview, and archival components. The intro will be grounded in my personal internship experience and conversations with industry experts who have lived through this change. I’ll be digging in Ogilvy’s “Best of Ogilvy” archives ranging from print-based ads to more recent media-heavy ones. The John Hartman Center for Advertising History in the Duke Library is an absolute trove of information. The collections are so vast that I’ll need to narrow my search down.

Finally, my writing will analyze specific advertising pieces and how they make use of tech, as well as the influence of tech on advertising’s evolving form and function.

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  1. Tim,

    The annotated essay is kind of a classic “late-print” form of writing. Your Brazil one looks like an interesting example. I’ll be intrigued to see not only how you make your piece on advertising not only “cleaner” bur perhaps also more interactive and multimodal?

    From this description, it looks like most of your research will be text-based. Any thoughts about interviewing people in the ad industry about their experiences with technology?


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