Exec Board

Claire Fu (Class of 2020)

Hi! I’m Claire, I’m from San Ramon, California, and I’m the project manager for the oxygen concentrator project. I’m double majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, and I work in the Viventi Lab, which is working on the development of implantable micro-electrodes. I also had the incredible opportunity to go on the Duke EWH Guatemala trip last summer.  In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, going to concerts, and trying new foods.

Anna Cunningham (Class of 2020)
Vice President

I’m a Texas transplant considering a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. This past summer I went on the EWH Guatemala trip and survived my first earthquake, and I’ll be coordinating the trip for Summer 2018. I love chocolate lava cake and attempting to play racquetball.

Mary Zhang (Class of 2019)

Hi I’m Mary! I’m a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Neuroscience and Visual Arts. Home for me is the sunny city of Los Angeles. I like too many things so here are two things I don’t like: peanut butter and cockroaches. I participated in the EWH SI Tanzania the summer for 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Adarsh Ettyreddy (Class of 2018)
Project Manager

Mary Stuart Elder (Class of 2020)
Project Manager

Hi, I’m Mary Stuart Elder, and I’m one of the project managers on the patient monitor team. I’m an electrical and computer engineering major (considering a compsci double major) and I love learning about the hands on applications of these fields in medicine. My longterm dream is to develop devices in the biomedical engineering industry. Apart from EWH, I’m an RA in Craven and a member of Asian Intervarsity. I have a bad Netflix addiction, but when I break away from technology I love kayaking, zip-lining, and most outdoor adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together this year!

Chris Zhou (Class of 2020)
Project Manager

Hi! I’m Chris, an biomedical engineering major, a pop pianist, an adventurous food enthusiast, and an architecture nerd (occasionally). I’m interested in emerging biotechnologies such as tissue engineering and life science innovations. I also love trying weird flavors or any interesting food in general. As a chronic boba milk tea (not bubble tea!!!) addict, my life goal is to synthesize the the best boba in my future home kitchen lab.