BigFix provides endpoint management and security for devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, or one of several distributions of Linux. It is used for automated software installation and maintenance, operating system patch management, security settings, and inventory management and reporting.


To begin using BigFix, please email the administrators at


After requesting access to BigFix, an AdminUnit identifying your clients and role with access to those clients will be created. An AD group will also be needed to populate the role. Once the AdminUnit and role has been established, operators can login into the fully functional Console (only available on Microsoft Windows) or the less functional, first generation WebUI console. Installers for the console and clients as well as additional information can be found at the BigFix at Duke SharePoint site (NetID required):


All BigFix console operators will be added to the mailing list in order to be alerted to service maintenance and outages as well as other important management information regarding configuration changes or required upgrades. In addition, the BigFix mailing list can be used to ask questions of the university BigFix community and specific engineers in HCL’s BigFix group assigned to Duke.

There is also a great deal of instructional material available from IBM in their IBM BigFix wiki.