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Endpoint Management Meeting – April 21, 2022

By: John Straffin

The recording of the April 21 Endpoint Management Meeting is now available (Duke NetID required):

Also available as video (MP4), audio (M4A), transcript (VTT), and chat (TXT) in the Endpoints Box Share.

Items of note:

  • Patching: Windows Patches out, no known issues or urgent concerns, apply according to the regular schedule (test within 1 week, deploy within 2).
  • Configuration Manager: Nothing to report.
  • Software discussion:
    • Microsoft Project and Visio
      • Neither is part of Duke’s Microsoft 365 license. The apps shown at can open documents, but not create (or edit?).
      • Both can be purchased per device from the Duke Technology Center which holds its own volume license for the software.
      • OITDE manages deployments and a collection for each package in Configuration Manager. Contact via ServiceNow to have a device added.
      • For project management, there are other software and services already licensed by Duke: MeisterTask, MS Planner, Asana(?).
      • Before suggesting other alternatives (ClickUp?), software has to be approved by both Duke ITSO and Procurement before being used to host Duke data.
    • Any plans to include Microsoft Loop in Duke’s license? Will try to find out for next meeting.
  • Jamf Pro updates:
    • Need to renew the DEP tokens for each org – this is responsibility of each Jamf Site Admin. Help available from DE if they need it.
    • Some old config profiles are causing a looping issue… Tim cleared a lot out of the database. If you see this, purge first and see if they come back, then let OITDE know.
    • Month or two out… will be adding a couple of new tomcat nodes to increase performance
    • We have error logs where computers are no longer in the console but are trying to check in. Tickets have been sent out…
    • How to re-enroll if needed
  • BigFix: Pushed release candidate last week. Mostly went smooth, just a few weird problems with machines that might have been off. Production updates pushed out.
  • CrowdStrike: Certificate Rotation coming at end of July, looking for computers that are not updating.
  • Perceptive Content: Al is working on a collection (package) for upgrading to new client.
  • EOL machines: Important!!! Upgrade!!! Update on numbers next month…
  • Zoom – May 17th10.1 – requirement current 5.10.3
    • Packages in SCCM and BigFix have been updated. Software Center needs update or tweaking. Al will look into this.
    • Some issues caused by Zoom’s decision to install 64-bit on 64-bit machines though 32-bit runs fine. OITDE worked with BigFix to correct issues with their Fixlets.
  • Spring Cleaning – Expect more tickets!!
    • Install Endpoint Management and Security software only on Duke-owned computers, OITDE and ITSO end up having to clean it up.
    • The pruning of Jamf Pro Extension Attributes continues.
    • Old legacy packages in ConfigMgr and Jamf Pro will be removed as part of general cleanup.Spring Cleaning – Expect more tickets!!
  • Kelly Snyder added a blurb to DukeReg to discourage incorrect registration.
  • Be aware: The Duke ITSO is starting to block ports.
  • Discussion: New Apple Studio Display presentation, more info to come? Apple will demo displays and high-end Mac Studio units. Bring intensive/heavy workloads, see how it runs.