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Endpoint Management Meeting – March 17, 2022

By: John Straffin

The recording of the March 17 Endpoint Management Meeting is now available (Duke NetID required):

Also available as video (MP4), audio (M4A), transcript (VTT), and chat (TXT) in the Endpoints Box Share.

Items of note:

  • Patching: Windows Patches out, no known issues or urgent concerns, apply according to the regular schedule (test within 1 week, deploy within 2).
  • Config Manager: Testing 22.03, will likely update production within the next month.
  • Jamf Pro updates:
    • Holding off on upgrading to the next version due to MySQL version update requirement.
    • Tomcat logs are very large, investigating and a ticket is open with Jamf.
    • Initial log investigation revealed many unmanaged computers and deleted computer still trying to communicate. Tickets will go out for much of these.
    • Extension Attribute cleanup information has been sent out and is shared in the Endpoints wiki. Cleanup to start Friday, March 18.
  • BigFix: No update.
  • macOS Firmware bug:
    • Solutions to help with Windows and macOS upgrades exist within ConfigMgr and Jamf Pro.
    • Remove CrowdStrike from macOS 10.14 Mojave before upgrading as the last Mojave-compatible version will not run on macOS 11 or higher. Reinstall after upgrade (or let EPM do it).