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Endpoint Management Meeting – January 20, 2022

By: John Straffin

The recording of the January 20 Endpoint Management Meeting is now available (Duke NetID required):

Also available as video (MP4), audio (M4A), transcript (VTT), and chat (TXT) in the Endpoints Box Share.

Items of note:

  • Jamf Pro: upgrade to 10.35, test instance update, known issue with package uploads, Extension Attribute cleanup.
  • General cleanup for ALL Endpoint Management systems: watch for more info.
  • Config Manager: upgrade next Thursday to 2111.
  • Windows 11: No real compatibility issues reported. In active deployment to some machines. End users are requesting the Start Menu be moved back to the left.
  • ScreenConnect has been upgraded.
  • Zoom Room client interface has changed, some find it confusing.
  • BigFix: now running latest Production release, upgraded from last beta.
  • CrowdStrike: Remember, ITSO now enforcing CrowdStrike on all machine, violations get quarantined!
  • Patches: No immediate patch recommendations from ITSO, no reported issues from Patch Tuesday.
  • Microsoft Access update/patch caused an issue with multiuser access to a database. Only one person can access at a time unless they have the update/patch.
  • Microsoft Teams workflow utilization with Dan Cantrell groups.
  • ScreenConnect: License finally updated with added features and beta accessibility.
  • Log4j: ITSO is NOT recommending using 3rd party tools to fix software on endpoints. Instead, wait on the vendor updates to remediate their software. BigFix fixlet available using Logpresso for scanning for vulnerable machines.
  • Planisphere ticketing output and schedule.
  • macOS upgrade schedule: What has been discussed will be put in place for next OS.