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Discussion Topics and Assigned Readings

Series Objectives:

  1. Summarize ethical, legal and social topics associated with genome sciences and medicine research.
  2. Identify viewpoints from multiple stakeholders on these ELSI topics.
  3. Apply lessons learned to ongoing and future research.

FALL 2020 Topics

Sept 27: Introduction/History of ELSI

Oct 14: Return of Results

Nov 18: Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Third Party Analysis

Dec 16: Vulnerable populations: Genomic Research in Pediatric/newborn Population

Spring 2021 Topics

Feb 3: A New Administration – A New Start or Re-Start?

March 3: Clinical Workforce Preparation/Support

April 7: FDA Oversight of Genetic Testing

May 5: National Biobanks – US and UK

June 2: Gene Editing/Gene Therapy