ELSI Point/Counterpoint Series

As part of Duke’s post-doctoral program in Genomic Medicine, the Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine presents a Point/Counterpoint series aimed to encourage discussion of the ethical, legal and social implications of genomic science and medicine.

If you are a pre- or post-doctoral fellow with interests in genome sciences and medicine research, this series will highlight important ethical, legal, and social issues to consider when approaching clinical research. Although genomic medicine literature will provide the backbone of our discussions, lessons learned will be applicable to any type of research involving patients and the public.

Papers will be assigned for each meeting on a given topic. Attendees will be expected to read the papers prior to class in order to fully engage in the discussion to explore the status and perspectives of various stakeholders to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of the key issues and debate related to the topic. For learning objectives and the list of topics, please visit the Readings page.  The Fall 2019 series will meet generally on the last Thursdays of the month (exception is November); the Spring 2020 series will meet on the second Friday of the month.  All meetings will be in CIEMAS Building, #2120, with the exception of the Feb 14th meeting, which will be in the North building Room #337.

2019-20 Meeting Dates:

  • Sept 26
  • Oct 31
  • Nov 21
  • Feb 14
  • Mar 13
  • Apr 10
  • May 8

Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Susanne Haga at susanne.haga at duke.edu with any questions. Look forward to seeing you there!