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Research Technicians

Laura Strickland, MS

At one point in time Laura wanted to become a Veterinary Scientist which led her to obtain a Master of Animal Science degree at North Carolina State University and have over four years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine as a Veterinarian Assistant. In order to gain more formal research experience she joined the ElMallah Lab. Her plans changed after realizing she could make more of an impact in the field of medicine by remaining at Duke University and being a part of a team that is utilizing gene therapy to create a better quality of life for patients and/or cure diseases. Currently she assists with multiple projects that characterize murine models of neurodegenerative diseases, and also leads a project that looks into the effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia in an ALS mouse model. Her goals are to continue moving the lab’s research forward so that it may be able to find the answers that are needed and to one day obtain her doctorates. When she is not doing research she is helping with her family’s cattle farm or hiking and camping and enjoying the wonders of nature.

Research Tech Alumni

MD-PhD: Anna Fusco (BS)

MD: Logan Pucci (BS)