November 2016 meetings!

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that we’ll have two Ellipse meetings in November.

The first will be on November 3, at 7:30 pm, at the philosophy department at UNC. We’ll be reading David Papineau’s paper “A fair deal for Everettians,” available here. Thanks to Dan Hunter for suggesting the paper.

Check here for some background on probability in the Everettian interpretation.

We’ll have a special bonus meeting on Wednesday, November 16, at 4:30 pm, in the philosophy department lounge at Duke. Professor Michael Strevens from NYU will join us. We will be discussing Professor Strevens’s paper “Is Asymptotic Idealization Special? An Argument from Evolutionary Explanation.” If you are interested in joining us, please contact me to get a copy of the paper.

See you soon!

(UPDATE) Triangle Ellipse Philsci 2015-2016!!!!

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great summer. I’m writing both to remind you that you’re on our mailing list and to ask whether there is interest in having our first meeting in August, or whether we should meet for the first time this year in September. Please let me know which you would prefer. This year’s TAPS (Triangle Area Philosophy Symposium) will be held on Friday, September 4, so it won’t get in the way of any meeting at the end of August.

Our first meeting will be at Duke, and whenever we hold it, we’ll arrange a day and time to meet throughout the year. I’ll select the first paper to discuss and will introduce it as well.
Last year we also talked about changing the format–the suggestion was to assign a person to each month so that that person will be in charge of picking a paper and opening up the discussion. I’m hoping that this will allow us to involve a few more people than normal and also ease the burden of trying to find papers for each meeting. We can talk about this at our first meeting as well.
So please respond about whether you would like to meet in late August or September for our first meeting, and perhaps include a few times when you would be available to have the first meeting.
Thanks to all for your participation!

May meeting?

First, thanks to everyone who joined us on Wednesday for our discussion with Sean Carroll, and a special thanks to Sean for taking time from his visit to sit down with us.

Second, should we meet in May? We hadn’t settled on this before our last meeting. Duke classes are done and UNC classes end this week, I think; we could meet in early May at Duke, but I’d like to know if people will be around and interested.
Let me know your preference–yes, this means you.

April Meeting: Sean Carroll

For our April meeting we’re excited to have Sean Carroll joining us. He’s a professor of physics at Caltech and will be discussing his paper “Self-Locating Uncertainty and the Origin of Probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics.” You can get his paper here.

Our meeting will be on April 15 at UNC, in Caldwell Hall room 208. We’ll start at 4:30. Note that this meeting will be on a Wednesday, which is different from our normal meeting day.

Hope to see you there!