Duke Global Challenge

The Duke Global Challenge encourages students that are interested in addressing critical social and environmental problems facing the world today to deeply study one of these issues and summarize their findings in a report and a presentation. A large emphasis is placed on dynamic, engaging presentations and the ability to convince a broader audience to care about a certain issue. Students also attend workshops on problem analysis, visual mapping, and how to give powerful presentations throughout the research process.

With my two team members, presenting our research about barriers to clean water access in Uganda at the Global Challenge semi-finals.
Relation to my focus on clean water access

The issue I chose to study for the Duke Global Challenge, along with 2 other teammates, was clean water access in Uganda. This connects to one of my global experiences implementing a maternity clinic in Uganda, which piqued my interest about water access in the country and also made me aware of some barriers to widespread clean water availability. The opportunity to explore political, social, and technical problems, and their intersections, in depth was really enlightening. Identifying levers of change was an essential step to take before brainstorming effective solutions to these problems. The most valuable skill I gained from participating in the Duke Global Challenge was the ability to present a complicated issue to a broad audience in a digestible way, and in a manner that convinced them to care about the problem and take action.

Supervisor: Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and Fuqua’s Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke; contact Kimberly Bardy Langsam at kimberly.langsam@duke.edu

Start date: December 2016

End date: February 2017

Hours to complete: 30