Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic Water Filter Research

This research worked to improve efficacy of low-cost ceramic drinking water filters intended for use in developing countries. Lab activities included making filters, preparing E. Coli and MS2 bacteriophage, testing bacteria and virus removal, and evaluating hydraulic conductivity of filters.

Relation to my focus on clean water access

Ceramic water filters are a cheap and easy-to-install water filtration method. Improving their capabilities to remove viruses and increasing user acceptability by improving hydraulic conductivity are crucial steps needed to successfully distribute and implement these filters on a broader scale. This research focused directly on making ceramic water filters a more viable option for widespread clean water access in low-resource settings. I developed lab skills and learned about areas for future research, which will influence my future GCS experiences.

Supervisor: Dr. Marc Deshusses

Start date: August 2016

End date: December 2016

Hours to complete: 60