My research interests include the fields of Industrial Organization and Health Economics.

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Job Market Paper

Bargaining in Markets with Exclusion: An Analysis of Health Insurance Networks

Abstract: This paper explores the common story that insurance companies exclude hospitals from their networks to gain bargaining leverage in contract negotiations. I propose a novel model of price formation in a bilateral oligopoly setting where the networks are endogenous. The endogeneity of its network allows the insurer to threaten to exclude hospitals. Exclusion is an equilibrium outcome; the insurer offsets the loss of premiums from a less valuable network by reimbursing hospitals less. I estimate this model using data from the Colorado All-Payer Claims Database. I find, using a counterfactual analysis, that restricting insurers’ ability to exclude would lead to 50 percent higher prices negotiated between hospitals and insurers, while the Nash-in-Nash framework used in the hospital-insurer bargaining literature finds prices would fall by 36 percent.


Work in Progress

“Shoppers’ Response To An On-Shelf Nutrition Labelling System in Supermarkets in Ontario, Canada” Hobin E., Bollinger B., Sacco J., Liebman E., Vanderlee L., Zuo F., Rosella L., L’abbe M., Manson H. and Hammond D.



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