Volunteer for a study!

We like to recruit subjects through the Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (where I am Neuroimaging Core Director), for a couple good reasons.

  • First, it helps the participants, because it involves them in a rich research environment that is explicitly designed to inform you about your cognitive and neural well-being.
  • Second, it helps our research, because of the many collaborations our lab enjoys with researchers in the ADRC. The future of data is public, and we at Duke try to facilitate research questions by sharing anonymized data to speed the pace of research.

To join the ADRC Registry, follow this link:


Contact Simon:

I try to be available to any interested researchers, students, or participants. Email is best, but if you’d like to send a postcard, that would also grab my attention.

311 Research Drive

Bryan Research Building, Rm 227E

DUMC 2900, Durham NC, 27710

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