Here is a sample list of EJ courses that have been offered at Duke in prior years. Please check Duke Hub catalog for the current offerings.

  • ENVIRON 790.40 (lec) SP TOP (spring)  – Environmental Justice (3 credits)
  • ENVIRON 790.02 (lec) SP TOP (fall) –  Environmental Justice Practicum (1 credit)
  • CA 419S.01 – Global Environment/Political Nature (Spring)
  • ENVIRON 214s – Ethical Challenges in Environmental Conservation (Spring)
  • Environ 332S – Environmental Justice: The Economics of Race, Place, and Pollution (Fall Only, varies)
  • Readings: Environmental Justice (Fall 2020).
  • Environ 343S – Energy Futures and Environmental Justice (occasionally)
  • PHIL 215 – Applied and Environmental Ethics


Here is a list of courses at Duke, UNC, and NC State compiled by Helen Lu.