October 5, 2015

Get Involved

EHDx Talks Winners at the Nasher


Students can apply to join 2018-2019 project teams through February 17th.

Bass Connections engages students and faculty from across the university to address compelling challenges. Students at all levels can participate at any time while at Duke. Faculty can get involved through their own teaching and research. And Duke alumni and friends can give to Bass Connections and take part in the Bass Challenge to increase the impact of their gifts.

Bass Connections team members are required to create a project team poster and participate at the EHDx Talks.

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For undergraduate students, benefits of participating in a Bass Connections project team include:

  • Building research skills in a small group setting
  • Applying coursework to a complex societal challenge
  • Deepening grasp of an issue of interest
  • Engaging with communities and organizations outside Duke
  • Exploring career paths and adding heft to resume
  • Enhancing honors thesis research
  • Coauthoring publications
  • Playing a key role in a project with faculty and graduate students


Alumni and Friends

For more information visit the Bass Connections website.