September 27, 2015

Educational Pathways

Bass ConnectionStudents can participate in Bass Connections in Education & Human Development at different levels of involvement.





Take a course:

Choose from over 50 courses at Duke that have content related to education and human development.

The Education & Human Development theme has no formal requirements, but students are encouraged to seek early advice and mentoring. A list of courses with content related to Education & Human Development is available on the advising sheet, to help: (1) determine if a student’s existing interest and prior experience fall within the scope of the theme, and (2) identify courses that will strengthen student preparation for participation on Bass Connections teams and for careers related to education and human development, more broadly.

Apply to a project team:

Students with particular project skills can apply and be assigned to project teams, who provide and complete an application. Those students with particular project skills can apply and be assigned to project teams as Specialists, who provide research support to a team by reviewing scholarly literature, facilitating data collection and analysis, programming, and other research support. These students can earn 1 credit through the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. The students that best fit this role will commit to attending weekly team meetings and working for 5-10 hours per week on research-related projects.

Interested in learning more? Visit the advising page.