September 27, 2015


Bass Connections

Bass ConnectionsBass Connections is a university-wide initiative that links faculty and students to respond to complex challenges through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.


EHD Bass Connections

Developing the data, tools and practices that contribute to positive life outcomes for children in a global society.


Based on the recognition that successfully reaching adulthood is about more than test scores, Bass Connections in Education & Human Development encompasses an interdisciplinary framework to engage students and faculty to develop the data, tools, and practices that better link how we raise our children—in schools, in families, and in communities—to positive life outcomes in an interconnected global society.

We see “education” not just as formal K-12 schooling but also as learning via families and social channels, and “human development” as encompassing valued life outcomes across ages including health, social and familial connections, happiness, income, and employment.

Bass Connections in Education & Human Development is led by Thomas Nechyba, Professor of Economics and Director of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), and Anna Gassman-Pines, Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy.