Developing the data, tools and practices that contribute to positive life outcomes for children in a global society

Priority Areas

EHD Bass Connections teams engage in research in four priority areas.


State and Local Community Engagement:
Collaborations between Duke researchers and the broader community that identify and address community needs. Projects may focus on developing, implementing, and evaluating programs that engage communities and address important social problems.


Higher Education and the Transition to Adulthood:
Topics related to postsecondary education, including but not limited to: student recruitment, retention, and achievement; distance and other learning modalities; curriculum and instruction; and broader issues during the transition to adulthood.


Educational Inequality:
Projects that examine sources of educational inequality such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender. Projects that explore innovative strategies for addressing these inequalities are encouraged.


Child Mental Health, Physical Health, and Social Adjustment:
Projects may focus on cognitive, social, emotional, and health outcomes and explore the role of factors within the individual child, family, and society that influence developmental processes from prenatal development through emerging adulthood.

About EHD BASS Connections

At A Glance
Education & Human Development

Based on the recognition that successfully reaching adulthood is about more than test scores, Bass Connections in Education & Human Development encompasses an interdisciplinary framework to engage students and faculty to develop the data, tools and practices that better link how we raise our children—in schools, in families, and in communities—to positive life outcomes in an interconnected global society. We see “education” not just as formal K-12 schooling but also as learning via families and social channels, and “human development” as encompassing valued life outcomes across ages including health, social and familial connections, happiness, income, and employment.

Team Members

Meet some of our Project Team Members

Geraldine Dawson

(School of Medicine)
Team Leader

Marcos De Almeida Rangel

(Public Policy)
Team Leader

Keval Khalsa

Team Leader

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