Innovation Seminar

Date: Dec 1st at noon

Location: Hudson 218

Speakers: David Ranney, MD and Tanmay Gokhale

David Ranney, MD

David Ranney graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Medicine, and is currently a 4th year resident in General Surgery and research fellow in the Division of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Duke. Dr. Ranney’s clinical interests include Adult Cardiac Surgery, specifically aortic disease and extracorporeal circulation. With a long-standing interest in medical device development, Dr. Ranney co-founded the InnovateMD program at Duke with Dr. Ken Gall, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. The goal of InnovateMD program is to unite residents and fellows in the health system with graduate and professional level engineering students and faculty to develop novel technologies aimed at improving clinical care. Dr. Ranney is also an associate at the Duke Angel Network where he assists with the screening and due diligence of health care startups seeking early stage capital investments. 

Dr. Ranney will be presenting his experience as a resident and how medical device development has become an active part of his academic career. A select number of institutions have recognized the need to incorporate practicing clinicians into the engineering and development of novel technologies; however, for many years, the two sectors have had limited mutual expertise. As an institutional leader in multiple fields including medicine, engineering, business, and law, it is critical for Duke to provide these ongoing collaborations. The InnovateMD program is one such initiative that anticipates great involvement from both clinical and engineering trainees. 

Tanmay Gokhale

The Triangle Health Innovation Challenge is an annual student-run health hackathon that brings together students and young professionals from across the region to develop innovative solutions to problems in healthcare. Co-Founder Tanmay Gokhale will discussing the motivations behind creating this event and how it integrates into the Duke health innovation ecosystem. He will also present winning projects from the previous two years, and discuss how students can get involved in next year’s hackathon and other health innovation events at Duke.

Tanmay is an eighth year MD-PhD student at Duke University, pursing his PhD in Biomedical Engineering. His research focuses on using computational models to understand the mechanisms of and develop treatments for microstructurally-induced cardiac arrhythmias.


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