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Note: Duke EGA is a student run organization, and we are unaffiliated with any Duke admissions organization. Participation in this program does not influence your admissions decision by the Duke Graduate School admissions officers.

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Important Application Dates:

Duke EGA is offering two application windows this year! All applicants who submit their application by the final application deadline (September 20th) will be paired with a mentor who can help with general graduate school questions and provide support on application materials. For students who are also looking for assistance with graduate fellowship applications or who would like to start their mentorship earlier, we encourage you to apply before the early application deadline (August 16th) where you will receive priority pairing with a mentor, assistance on fellowship applications, and an early start to the mentorship experience. See below for further details

Early Application Deadline

Final Application Deadline

Submission deadline:

August 16th

September 20th

Assistance with fellowship applications:

Priority mentor pairing:

Mentorship starts:

Late August

Late September

Assistance with graduate application materials:

Mentorship on general graduate school questions

What Does Duke EGA Offer?

  • Group and one-on-one mentoring about general graduate school questions and support on application materials.
  • Questions we can help with:
    • Why should I consider going to graduate school?
    • What is the graduate school experience like?
    • How much does it cost? Or would I get paid?
    • Can you help me compare graduate schools and programs?
    • What are graduate school requirements? Grades, GRE, research experience, etc?
    • How do I reach out to professors to learn more about their research?
    • How do I get research experience to help my graduate school application?
    • How can I improve my CV, personal statement, or essay?
    • Can you help me understand the graduate application timeline?
    • Can you help me explore/apply for external fellowship options? (ex: NSF GRFP)
    • Questions pertaining to international students (exams, visas, funding options).