In 2016 I departed from my job as Head of Research Cooperation at Universidad de los Andes, to continue with my professional project at Duke University. In order to ensure I would obtain the maximum benefit from this experience and create synergies with my professional goals, I structured a Professional Development Plan. The first component of this plan was to develop specialized knowledge that allow me to have a clear understanding of the interactions of energy and the environment. Hence, in the first three years of the program I completed an extensive coursework that allowed me to acquired new geospatial analysis skills, expanded my computer science abilities, and enhanced my energy systems modeling expertise.

The second component of the plan was to enhance the transferable skills required to be an innovative pedagogue and an effective leader. With this purpose, I enrolled at the Certificate in Colllege Teaching and completed several professional development programs (e.g., Emerging Leaders Institute). An extended description of my experience developing as a pedagogue can be found at the Teaching section, while a description of my professional development growth can be found at My Duke Experience section.

The simultaneous development of these dimensions has resulted into a solid knowledge foundation that complemented with strong transferable skills, qualify me to pursue an inquiry-based method to formulate and answer critical research questions using a multidisciplinary approach and implement digital tools to share this knowledge with students. Additionally I am able to efficiently compose oral and written communications, adapt to multicultural environments, administer academic processes and coordinate the execution of multiple tasks.