Why Duke?

On March 6th of 2016, after an exhaustive analysis that considered elements like the research I would be developing (e.g. applied vs basic), the academic requirements, life quality and others, I decided to pursue my doctoral program at Duke University. One of the main reasons that attracted me to Duke, was the multidisciplinary perspective encountered at the PhD. Environment program; being able to enjoy the benefits of the Nicholas School of the Environment, while collaborating with researchers at other schools was appealing.

During my first year as a doctoral student, I received the invitation from Duke’s Graduate School to share part of my experience with other prospective students by answering a simple question: When did I discovered I belonged at Duke?

Institutional Service at Duke

My conception of institutional service is that it is essential to construct a systematic perspective of a university. A broad understanding of an academic institution requires the integration of multiples perspectives, not only from students, but from faculty and staff. This amplified perception can be constructed by engaging with different communities in committees and councils across the campus. All this, while giving back to the system and its members.

The following list, describes my participation at this groups including the committee or council name, my role and the dates I have been involved: