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Program Characteristics and Economic Conditions That Affect WIC Participation

By Amy Tingle

WIC is one of the most expansive food assistance programs in the United States. Despite extensive research demonstrating the health benefits of participation, there is a sizable gap between those that are eligible and those that enroll. This paper studies how economic conditions and program characteristics affect both eligibility and coverage rates using post recession data from 20102013. The results show that the average monthly food benefit is positively correlated with takeup. They also indicate that the unemployment rate is correlated with eligibility but not takeup, meaning that in times of economic downturn, people enroll at the same rate as before. 

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Advisor: V. Joseph Hotz | JEL Codes: D04, D60 | Tagged: Participation in Federal Assistance, WIC Program

Marijuana Pricing Structure and State-Level Price Determinants

By Rebecca Li

This study uses the PriceofWeed.com data set first examined in Thies (2012) to analyze the price-quantity relationship for marijuana transactions and to determine the effect of various state-level factors on marijuana prices. By applying the cost-based full fixed cost recovery pricing model developed by Britney, Kuzdrall, and Fartuch (1983), this paper finds support for an inverse price-quantity relationship for marijuana rather than a logarithmic or linear relationship. User-rated quality is robust and significant across all models, and price-quantity discount elasticity of -0.220 is observed empirically. An analysis of state-level legal, demand-side, and supply-side determinants of marijuana price demonstrates that medical marijuana has a negative relationship with price, perhaps due to the reduction in risk faced by suppliers when medical marijuana is legalized.

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Advisor: Michael Munger, Phil Cook | JEL Codes: D04, I18, K42 | Tagged: Marijuana, Price, Quality, Transaction Size


Undergraduate Program Assistant
Jennifer Becker

Director of the Honors Program
Michelle P. Connolly