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Relative Contribution of Common Jumps in Realized Correlation

By Kyu Won Choi

This paper studies common intraday jumps and relative contribution of these common jumps
in realized correlation between individual stocks and market index, using high-frequency price
data. We find that the common jumps significantly contribute in realized correlation at different
threshold cut-offs and both common jumps and realized correlation are relatively consistent across
time period including financial crisis. We also find a weak, positive relationship between relative
contribution of common jumps and realized correlation, when we further sample high-frequency
data into a year. We also observe that the volatility index and market index reveal the strongest

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Advisor: Geourge Tauchen, Tim Bollerslev | JEL Codes: C40, C58, G10 | Tagged: Diffusive Covariation, Realized Correlation, Relative Contribution of Common Jumps

Assessing the Effects of Earnings Surprise on Returns and Volatility with High Frequency Data

By Sam Lim

This paper aims to explore how “earnings surprise”—the difference between earnings
estimates and the actual announced earnings—affects a stock’s volatility and returns using
high frequency data. The results show that earnings surprise is significantly correlated with volatility and overnight returns. Furthermore, an earnings surprise is significantly correlated with an increase in volatility in the trading period immediately following the earnings announcement, but there is no bias indicating which directions prices will go. Even with no “surprise”, the announcement tends to be followed by this increase in volatility. The findings suggest the importance of earnings on equity price valuation.

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Advisor: George Tauchen, Tim Bollerslev


Undergraduate Program Assistant
Jennifer Becker

Director of the Honors Program
Michelle P. Connolly