The assignment involves following the evidence cycle for a clinical scenario. To select a scenario, students are encouraged to think of a recent clinical encounter in which they had questions, or an archetypical question in the practice area they intend to pursue.

Due: February 16th

Format: Turn in via email to by 3 pm 2/16

  1. Complete all elements of the ebm-course-assignment document.
  2. Complete an article appraisal matching the question and study type. If you have questions about the appropriate template to complete, please contact Megan von Isenburg
    1. Therapy / Randomized controlled trial
    2. Diagnosis
    3. Prognosis / Cohort
    4. Harm / Case Control
    5. Harm / Cohort
    6. Systematic Review
  3. Presentation: 7-10 slides taking 5-6 minutes
    1. Clinical vignette
    2. PICOTT
    3. BRIEF mention of search
    4. Article synopsis
    5. EBM teaching point specific to your paper (that you signed up for in class)