7:00-7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
7:30 am Michael Berend, MD Welcome
7:33 am Keith Berend, MD Introduction of Visiting Professor and Faculty
7:36 am Charles Nelson, MD Invited Lecturer: Does Value-Based Care Decrease Joint Arthroplasty Access for Vulnerable Patient Groups?  
7:56 am Michael Bolognesi, MD Discussion
8:04 am Benjamin Alman, MD The Rejuvenation of Fracture Healing: It’s All in the Blood!
8:12 am David Attarian, MD Value-Based Orthopaedics – The Duke 2023 Toolkit
8:18 am Chad Mather, MD Is Capitation of the Orthopaedic Patient Population the Next Phase of Care Delivery?
8:24 am Keith Berend, MD Private Equity: The JIS Experience  
8:30 am William Jiranek, MD Duke JHP: Ready Built for MSK Population Health Management?
8:36 am Michael Berend, MD Physician-Owned Physician-Run Outpatient Joint Replacement: An Update
8:42 am  William Jiranek, MD Discussion
8:52 am Keith Berend, MD
Michael Berend, MD
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip and Knee Arthroplasty)
9:22 am BREAK
9:36 am Kevin Fricka, MD Cementless Total Knee Arthroplasty
9:42 am Michael Berend, MD Is the Patella the Soul of the UKA/TKA?
9:48 am R. Martin, MD Cement Technique in Total Knee Arthroplasty
9:54 am Sean Ryan, MD Robots in TKA: Are Any of These Platforms Really Robots?
10:00 am Kevin Fricka, MD Discussion
10:10 am Michael Berend, MD Bicompartmental Partial Knee Arthroplasty: Now is the Time
10:16 am Keith Berend, MD Kinematic Alignment in Total Knee Arthroplasty
10:22 am Aaron Hofmann, MD Avoiding Cobalt and Chromium in Arthroplasty: Do We Need To Be Doing This?
10:28 am Orhaun Muratoglu, PhD Antibiotic Impregnated Polyethylene
10:34 am Sean Ryan, MD Discussion
10:44 am William Jiranek, MD Update from the Clinic of Hope
10:50 am Michael Bolognesi, MD DAIR: How Do I Do It and What Has to be Considered?
10:56 am Kevin Fricka, MD DAIR in Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
11:02 am Charles Nelson, MD Two-Stage Revision in Arthroplasty Infection: The Gold Standard
11:08 am Samuel Wellman, MD Discussion
11:18 am Michael Berend, MD / Kevin Fricka, MD Live Cadaveric Demo –  Bicompartmental med/PFA with Zimmer PFA and Smith and Nephew Journey2 UK, Conversion to TKA (Zimmer Biomet, Vanguard)
Moderator Keith Berend, MD
11:53 am Lunch
12:03 pm Samuel Wellman, MD
Aaron Hofmann, MD
Live Cadaveric Demo – TKA Evolution of Stability (TJO Klassic TKA with One Tray, Ultra PS, PS Femur, and Constrained Liner)
Moderator Michael Bolognesi, MD
12:33 pm C. Grant First Annual EBARS Medical Student Abstract Competition

Comparison of Patient Outcomes in Image-Free Robot-Assisted Total Versus Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

12:37 pm J. Chang Inferior Outcomes for Patients Transferred Between Surgical Stages for Knee Periprosthetic Joint Infection
12:41 pm T. Stauffer Risk Factors for Failure to Discharge Before “Two Midnights” in Outpatient Billed Total Hip Arthroplasty
12:45 pm MEB/SPR Discussion and Award Presentation
12:48 pm R. Martin, MD Aseptic Tibial Loosening
12:54 pm Samuel Wellman, MD Management of Bone Loss In Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
1:00 pm Charles Nelson, MD Managing Stiffness in Revision TKA
1:06 pm David Attarian, MD Discussion
1:14 pm BREAK
1:24 pm Charles Nelson, MD/Keith Berend, MD/R Martin, MD Live Cadaveric Demonstration –Bilateral DA THA with the KRB Table (Depuy and Zimmer Biomet)

Moderator: William Jiranek, MD

2:24 pm Aaron Hofman, MD/Kevin Fricka, MD ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Knee Arthroplasty)
2:54 pm Sean Ryan, MD DA Approach Technique Tips and Tricks and No Table
3:00 pm Samuel Wellman, MD Posterior Approach THA: Capsular Management and Hip Insight
3:06 pm R Hallows, MD ABMS: The Duke Approach
3:12 pm R Martin, MD Anterior vs. Posterior Total Hip Replacement Radiographic Comparison
3:18 pm S. Kelley, MD Discussion
3:28 pm BREAK
End of the Day: Grab Bag Session  
3:40 pm Christian Pean, MD What is New in Peri-prosthetic TKA Fractures?
3:46 pm Malcolm DeBaun, MD What is New in Peri-prosthetic THA Fractures?
3:52 pm Orhun Muratoglu, PhD This History Of Polyethylene in Six Minutes!
3:58 pm Aaron Hofman, MD The Origin of the Ultracongruent Bearing
4:04 pm P Lachiewicz, MD Periarticular Injection after Primary TKA: an Essential Part of the Procedure
4:10 pm Chad Mather, MD Endoscopic Proximal Hamstring Repair
4:16 pm Michael Berend, MD Discussion
4:26 pm Christopher Klifto, MD/Keith Berend, MD/Samuel Wellman, MD
Hands-on Demo with synthetic surgical training models (SurgiSTUD- KRB- Medacta Kinematic TKA, Wellman- Zimmer Biomer Hip Insight THA, Klifto- Tornier RSA)
5:00 pm Samuel Wellman, MD Orthopaedic Implant Unknown Cases
5:20 pm Adjourn


7:00-7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
7:30 am R Martin, MD Pelvic Discontinuity Radiographic Findings
7:38 am P Lachiewicz, MD Uncemented Socket with Screws: All that is Needed for Acetabular Revisions
7:46 am Charles Nelson, MD Managing Bone Loss in Revision THA: The Entire Spectrum
7:54 am Samuel Wellman, MD Modular Fluted Stems: The Workhorse for Me
7:58 am Michael Berend, MD Monoblock Revision Stem for THA Revision: Press the Easy Button
8:04 am P Lachiewcz, MD Discussions
End of the AM Didactic: Grab Bag Session
8:14 am Christopher Klifto, MD Reverse-o-Mania?
8:20 am B Boggess, MD Update on Biologics: An Evolving Landscape
8:26 am Kevin Fricka, MD UKA in Inflammatory Arthritis or Bi-Cruciate Sparing UKA? (per Fricka)
8:32 am Muratoglu, MD Knee Simulator Wear Performance of CoCr and IBED TiN-Coated Femoral Components Against UHMWPE
8:38 am Ned Amendola, MD The Evolution of Total Ankle Arthroplasty
8:44 am William Jiranek, MD Discussion
8:54 am R Martin, MD/
Samuel Wellman, MD
Cadaver Demo:  Revision TKA, Cones and Extensor Mechanism Reconstruction- Depuy Attune Revision and Stryker Cones, Bard polypropylene mesh
Moderator William Jiranek, MD
9:30 am Break
9:42 am Keith Berend, MD Pre-Recorded Video Demo – Kinematic Total Knee Arthroplasty (Medacta TKA)
Moderator Kevin Fricka, MD
9:52 am R Hallows/KRB ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip Arthroplasty)
10:22 am Michael Berend, MD/Charles Nelson, MD Cadaver Demo – Primary Robotic TKA: Mako TKA with Verasense Sensors (Stryker)
Moderator Samuel Wellman, MD
11:02 am Break- Grab Box Lunches and get ready
11:12 am R Martin, MD/Charles Nelson, MD/Sean Ryan, MD Cadaver Demo – Zimmer Monoblock Cup/Cage/TM Augment with Smith and Nephew Cemented Dual Mobility Liner and Extraction Technique
Moderator Keith Berend, MD/Michael Berend, MD
11:57 am Keith Berend, MD/Michael Berend, MD Discussion and Thank You’s