7:00-7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
7:30 am Michael Berend Welcome
7:33 am Keith Berend Introduction of Visiting Professor and Faculty
7:36 am Christopher Peters Invited Lecturer: 25 Year Experience with PAO: What Have I Learned?
7:56 am Michael Bolognesi Discussion
8:04 am Ben Alman Duke Orthopaedics Departmental Update: Current State
8:12 am David Attarian Duke Health Integrated Practice: The Next Chapter for Duke Ortho
8:18 am Chad Mather Evolving Standards: Performance Assessment of Orthopaedic Surgeons by Risk Bearing Stakeholders
8:24 am  Jeff Almand Private Equity: What is the Deal?  
8:30 am Bill Jiranek Duke JHP: A Model for Orthopaedic Disease Based Bundles?
8:36 am Keith Berend Physician-Owned Physician Run Outpatient Joint Replacement 
8:42 am Bill Jiranek Discussion
8:52 am Keith Berend
Michael Berend
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Knee Arthroplasty)
9:22 am
9:36 am Christopher Peters Accelerometer-Based Navigation and Sensor-Guided Ligament Balance: Do They Add Value in TKA?
9:42 am Thorsten Seyler Robotic TKA: Handheld Burr Approach
9:48 am Jeff Almand Robotic TKA- Active Assist Arm with Cutting Guide
9:54 am Sean Ryan Robots: Is this CAS All Over Again?
10:00 am Matthew Abdel Discussion
10:10 am Keith Berend Minimum 15 Year Survival of the Oxford Medial UKA
10:16 am Michael Berend Selective Patellar Resurfacing
10:22 am Aaron Hofmann Patella Femoral Arthroplasty
10:28 am Jeff Almand Partial Knees in the Super Obese Using CAS
10:34 am Bill Jiranek Discussion
10:44 am Thorsten Seyler Infection Topics in Arthroplasty: Top 10 List
10:50 am Bill Jiranek Coag Neg Staph – A Worse Actor than We Thought?
10:56 am Jason Jennings C. Acnes Colinization and the Hip
11:02 am Benjamin Stronach Management of PJI with Acetabular Bone Defects using Reinforcement for Bone Loss with Acetabular Reconstruction Technique (REBARS)
11:08 am Sam Wellman Discussion
11:18 am Keith Berend
Michael Berend
Live Cadaveric Double Demo: Primary UKA (medial) (Engage, Smith and Nephew), Primary fixed bearing UKA (lateral) (Lateral FLO, Zimmer Biomet, MEB bringing instruments)
Moderator Michael Berend
11:58 am Grab Lunch Boxes
12:13 pm Jason Jennings
Aaron Hofmann
Live Cadaveric Demo- Primary TKA (TJO TKA with One Tray and Aurum)-Patella Reurfacing by A Hofmann
Moderator Michael Bolognesi
12:48 pm Sam Wellman The Temptation of Measured Resection: A Perspective of a Gap Balancer
12:54 pm Matthew Abdel Severe Varus  and Valgus Deformities: Classification and Management
1:00 pm Aaron Hofmann Anterior Stabilized, Ultracongruent, etc… No need for a Post!
1:06 pm Benjamin Stronach Medial Pivot Total Knee Arthroplasty
1:12 pm David Attarian Discussion
1:22 pm


1:36 pm Christopher Peters
Rhett Hallows
Live Cadaveric Demonstration: ABMS for Primary THA with Zimmer Biomet G7 and Taperloc, Surgical Dislocation of the Hip
Moderator Scott Kelley
2:24 pm Matt Abdel
Jason Jennings
ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip and Knee Arthroplasty)
2:54 pm Sean Ryan DA Approach Technique Tips and Tricks and No Table
3:00 pm Keith Berend Reducing the Risk of Periprosthetic Fracture in Anterior THA
3:06 pm Rhett Hallows ABMS: The Duke Approach
3:12 pm Sam Wellman Posterior Approach THA: Capsular Management and AR?
3:18 pm Thorsten Seyler Discussion
3:28 pm
End of the Day: Grab Bag Session
3:42 pm Matthew Abdel Dual Mobility: First Choice in Revision THA
3:48 pm Chad Mather From Worst to First: The Evolving Influence of Psychologic Distress
3:56 pm Christopher Peters Surgical Dislocation: The Development of an Extended Retinacular Flap
4:02 pm Benjamin Stronach Whiteside’s Gluteus Maximus Transfer
4:08 pm Michael Berend Joint Patient Rehabilitation with Wrist Sensor Technology
4:10 pm Jason Jennings Dope New Ways to Manage Pain following Arthroplasty
4:16 pm P Lachiewicz VTE prophylaxis for THA and TKA patients: update 2022
4:22 pm Matthew Abdel Spino-Pelvic Relationship: A Simple Man’s Explanation
4:30 pm Keith Berend Discussion
4:40 pm Sam Wellman
A Schwartz
Orthopaedic Implant Unknown Cases
5:00 pm Adjourn


7:00-7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
7:30 am Kevin Speer Shoulder Arthroplasty for Hip and Knee Specialists
7:38 am Oke Anakwenze ORIF (Not RSA) of Proximal Humerus Fractures: A Lost Art?
7:46 am Chris Klifto TBD
7:54 am Oke Anakwenze Discussion
End of the AM: Grab Bag Session
8:04 am Bill Jiranek PROs: Are they hurting or helping the joint surgeon
8:10 am Jason Jennings Physician Burnout
8:16 am Chad Mather Post Free Hip Arthroscopy
8:20 am Michael Berend Custom Tri Phalange: Tips and Tricks
8:26 am Christopher Peters Total Hip Arthroplasty in the Super Young: Should There be Controversy?
8:32 am Matthew Abdel Modular Fluted Stems: The Only Way to Go!
8:38 am Michael Berend Monoblock Revision Stem for THA Revision: Press the Easy Button!
8:44 am Bill Jiranek Discussion
8:54 am Matthew Abdel
Sam Wellman
Cadaver Demo: Revision TKA, Cones and Extensor Mechanism Reconstruction- Stryker TS Revision and Cones, aortic graf vs Marlex
Moderator Thorsten Seyler
9:30 am Break
9:42 am Keith Berend Kinematic Alignment and the Medial Sphere TKA–Cementless UKA- Smith and Nephew
9:52 am Christopher Peters/Benjamin Stronach ALL FACULTY Resident/Fellow Case Presentations and Discussion (Hip Arthroplasty)
10:22 am Keith Berend/Jeff Almand Cadaver Demo: Primary Robotic TKA: Zimmer Persona and ROSA
Moderator Sam Wellman
11:02 am Break
Grab Box Lunches and get ready
11:12 am Benjamin Stronach
Thorsten Seyler
Cadaver Demo: Smith and Nephew Redapt Shell with Locking Screws and Modular Blade Augment
Moderator Michael Berend/Keith Berend
11:57 am Keith Berend
Michael Berend
Discussion and Thank You’s
12 noon Adjourn