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Articles/Blog posts are written by LEAD experienced certified coaches with behavioral health backgrounds and training in such areas as life span development, emotional and social intelligence, stress resilience, burnout, communication and team dynamics, conflict management, and the neuroscience of leadership.

Is There a Difference Between Executive and Leadership Coaching?

June 14, 2017 — Not really. The impact of executive and leadership are focused in the same direction, which is in the development or refinement of the leader in the context of their work, direct reports and or work environment. How this is achieved may slightly differ. In executive coaching, an executive is usually a health care leader who has risen in the ranks, can have various levels of direct and indirect reports and focused toward moving the various parts of the organization forward through vision, mission and enhancing strategic skills. However, all leaders may not be “executives.” Leaders can be all throughout the organization, both in formal and informal positions that are adding value to the advancement of the organization. Read More

What Is Leadership (Development) Coaching?

April 11, 2017 — Leading is about inspiring others to follow. Leadership development is like an umbrella encompassing many areas, such as creating a shared vision; developing and empowering people; thinking systemically, strategically and globally; building partnerships; refining political savvy; anticipating opportunities and leading change; enhancing skills to manage challenging conversations; handling difficult personalities, interpersonal tensions and conflict snafus; being attune to personal and professional impact; fostering key emotional intelligence competencies, to mention a few areas. Read More